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Services and Practice Areas

Interactive Entertainment. Artists, programmers, producers, distributors and publishers of video games for all platforms and media, including Nintendo Wii®, Microsoft Xbox®, Sony Playstation®,  PC, iPhone®, other mobile devices, and the internet.

Film, Animation, and Television. Writers, producers, artists, special effects and CGI providers, other “below the line” service providers, as well as individuals looking to license original or established works to or from movie production companies and/or studios.

Internet, New and Emerging Media. Internet-based businesses, social networking service providers, as well as creators of other new and emerging media and digital content therein.

Licensing. Developers and owners of properties and trademarks looking to publish, manufacture, distribute or expand the utilization of their properties or marks through new forms of media or channels of trade, merchandise, apparel, toys, live shows, etc.; as well as third parties looking to acquire the rights of third parties to do the same.

Software and Technology. Software and hardware developers and service providers.

Intellectual Property. Individuals and organizations requiring counsel and advice related to copyright, trademark and patent licensing, protection and strategy; as well as the supervision and coordination of piracy and other infringement litigation matters with outside counsel.

Jeffrey W Rose, Esq.